D&D Random Encounters for 5E - Underdark

Encounters might be a meeting with a patrol of guards at an old shrine or a familiar looking for aid. It might be an ambush in the wilderness, a stand-off in the city or a monster in the Underdark.
The Underdark is a place of twisting tunnels, constant darkness and strange magic. Encounters might occur in a forest of fungi, amid giant stalactites or by the side of a gaping chasm. It is a place of elemental earth and gates to far realms. Home to fungi creatures, the dark elves and aberrations from the Far Realms.

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A group of warriors

4 Guards
2 Tribal Warriors

At a cage with a beast surrounded by crystal (glowing spores cover the area)
They are mining
In a fight they work together to focus on anyone with religious icons
Possibly... they have a Rope of Entanglement
Difficulty... 300 Hard


1 Water Weird (Monster Manual p.299)

At a patch of moldy purple-cap mushrooms studded with large holes (there is a hidden cache with a Potion of Gaseous Form)
They are studying a portal
In a fight they focus on the foes with least armor
Possibly... they have
Difficulty... 700 Deadly

At a simple covered pit (close to an area of glowing fungi)
They are trapped in a rockfall
In a fight they run away as fast as they can if things go badly
Possibly... they have 1d3 doses of drow poison
Difficulty... 300.0 Hard

At a garden of reddish-orange lichen (there is a pleasant stench covering the area)
They are hiding from a nearby light source
In a fight they attack whoever is largest
Difficulty... 400 Deadly

At a pillar of glittering volcanic glass (close by is a large cave with large stalactites)
They are telepathic
In a fight they coordinate attacks on a particular race
Difficulty... 437.5 Deadly