D&D One Shot

An outline for a one-shot adventure with the situation, what the characters are, the aim of the one-shot, events during it and an ending.

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The characters are elite goblins who must explore a ruined sea cave. One or more characters are dressed in costumes.
It is at an isolated high temple which was the site of several murders.
There are several unfriendly mercenaries talking with a pet cat. And an insecure captain wants to deliver a warning to a devious healer.
At some point someone has a vision.
As the adventure progresses there is a series of murders

The PCs are lawful folk heroes who must break a curse at an isolated ice palace. The mood might be... deadly serious
There is a well-dressed warlock who turns out to be the villain.
The characters start with an escaped beast. At some point they encounter a new potential ally. If things are going nowhere a rival turns up.
It finishes with someone imprisoned. Possible sequel... same villain in a new base

The characters are young dragonborn who must defend a magnificent underwater temple. A character is being hunted by a faction.
It is at a dwarven demiplane which has a sinister pentagram that only appears on this night each year.
There are a gang of mercenaries holding a funeral. And a chaotic druid wants to slay a greedy group of lizardfolk.
At some point a talkative NPC provides useful information.
As the adventure progresses people start dying in different ways

The characters are religious charlatans who must protect a legendary stone circle. Two of the characters have fallen in love.
It is at a magnificent garden which is in the area of a hallow spell.
There are a group of drunk marauders scavenging what they can. And a circus seeks to capture a clockwork group of warriors.
At some point a character has to make a saving throw.
As the adventure progresses objects start to talk

The PCs are all shapechangers who must slay a kraken. It might involve elders.
There is an infamous young dragon who betrays them partway through.
The characters start in a tavern brawl. Partway through they spot foes who are unaware of them. If things get stuck they uncover a secret stockpile.
It finishes with a reward of a song about their deeds.