D&D 5E Encounter

Encounters might be a meeting with a patrol of guards at an old shrine or a familiar looking for aid. It might be an ambush in the wilderness, a stand-off in the city or a monster in the Underdark. [dnd5e] [encounters]

level: terrain: sources: type:

At a pool of blue ice near a patch of lichen. A circle of brightly colored st
They are larger than normal (extra health)
In a fight they attack whoever is largest
Possibly... during the fight someone notices a large fire nearby
Difficulty... 450 Deadly


vivid coloured lights fill the sky
At an imposing cliff of blue ice. There is a column of slippery ice. the sky is filled with an aurora


A group of warriors

3 Guards
2 Tribal Warriors

At a column of blue ice by a column of ice. large hailstones are falling
They are eating
In a fight they focus all their attention on the foes with least armor
Possibly... during the fight someone surrenders unexpectedly
Difficulty... 250 Medium

At a lichen-covered rock and a few frozen trees
They are are looking for a mate
In a fight they avoid the most dangerous warrior
Difficulty... 450 Deadly


A group of kobolds

5 Kobolds led by one named Bareris
2 Winged Kobolds (Monster Manual p.195)
3 Rats
2 Vultures

At an arch of slippery ice ice near a pool of slippery ice and a mound of crisp snow. purple flowers are dotted about
They are searching for the party
In a fight they all attack the same foe
Difficulty... 687.5 Deadly