D&D Random Encounters for 5E

Encounters might be a meeting with a patrol of guards at an old shrine or a familiar looking for aid. It might be an ambush in the wilderness, a stand-off in the city or a monster in the Underdark.

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At a wood of carved saplings (a few flowers are scattered around)
They are injured in some way (not at full health)
In a fight they start by targeting foes attempting to hide
Possibly... they have a Gray Bag of Tricks
Difficulty... 450 Deadly


A cauldron (group) of bats

2 Bat Swarms
3 Bats
1 Giant Bat

At a tower (the area is touched by earth magic)
They are angry about something
In a fight they attack whoever is largest
Possibly... they have a pair of Goggles of Night
Difficulty... 360 Hard

At a patch of red berries and a banked fire (nearby is a marked trail)
They are waiting in ambush for someone
In a fight they make good use of the terrain
Possibly... they have a Ring of Mind Shielding
Difficulty... 700 Deadly

At a thermal spring (close by is a swift brook fed by a spring)
They are carrying a body
In a fight they run away as fast as they can if things go badly
Possibly... they have 20 x Ammunition +1
Difficulty... 300 Hard

At a citadel (there are recent tracks of another creature nearby)
They are cursed
In a fight they attempt to use the terrain to attack with stealth
Difficulty... 200 Medium