5e DnD Desert Encounter

The desert conjures images of sun-blasted wastes, stark canyons and sandy ridges. Encounters may take place at a well-guarded oasis, a lonely mesa, among half buried ruins or in the bed of a dried up river

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Nephis is a jaded berserker with a shield bearing a monstrous face. They love sweet foods and have been obsessed with orcs for the last few weeks
At a granite outcrop and a heap of sand
They are exploring the area


A group of gnolls

3 Gnolls
3 Hyenas

At an a few dark cave entrances. There is a part-buried cave entrance. there is a picture warning of great danger beyond
They are following a trail or guide
In a fight they focus all their attention on the largest foe
Difficulty... 660 Deadly


2 Thri-kreen (Monster Manual p.288) led by one named Ureg

At a steep hill. There is a stagnant waterhole. there is the bones of a giant scorpion
They are searching for a place or person
In a fight they attempt to use the terrain to attack with stealth
Difficulty... 600.0 Deadly


1 Half-Ogre (Monster Manual p.238)

At a dusty watchtower. It is associated with camels. there is a dusty wind from the north
They are fleeing something nearby
In a fight they prefer to capture their foes
Difficulty... 200 Medium


1 Druid named Grigor (human)

At an overgrown hole and a haunted cabin
They are exploring the area
In a fight they use ranged attacks and try to keep in cover
Possibly... during the fight a stranger arrives and watches
Difficulty... 450 Deadly