D&D Random Encounters for 5E - Feywild

Encounters might be a meeting with a patrol of guards at an old shrine or a familiar looking for aid. It might be an ambush in the wilderness, a stand-off in the city or a monster in the Underdark.
The Feywild is a realm of eternal twilight, a spectacular reflection of the Material Plane. It brings visions of sparkling faerie lights, idyllic forest glades, sinister black bogs and skull-like mountains. Encounters could take place at a bridge of vines, a tor topped with crystal spires or a shimmering pool that attracts fireflies.

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A group of sylvan creatures

1 Pixie (Monster Manual p.253)
2 Sprites
1 Giant Owl

At an overgrown track (it is near to a mordenkainen's magnificent mansion)
They are writing a song
In a fight they quickly retreat and try attacking again from range
Difficulty... 400 Deadly

At a field of lush lavender flowers and a garden of lush gray and white fungi emitting spores (nearby is a shallow waterfall)
They are marked by a powerful fey
In a fight they run and hide if things go badly
Possibly... during the fight someone runs away unexpectedly
Difficulty... 700 Deadly


2 Crocodiles from a nearby water source

At an overgrown tunnel entrance surrounded by dirt (nearby is a muddy sinkhole)
They are marked by a powerful fey
In a fight they attack whoever is largest
Difficulty... 300.0 Hard


A group of modrons

6 Monodrones (Monster Manual p.224)
3 Duodrones (Monster Manual p.225)

At a grove of dying oak trees (which is associated with falcons)
They are exploring area
In a fight they fight to the bitter end
Possibly... they have
Difficulty... 750.0 Deadly

At a clearing of bracken. There is a heap of coins with a crumbling |sparkling hut (close by is a circular cave entrance blocked by webbing)
They are very happy
In a fight they attempt to attack from hiding
Possibly... they have a scarf of leaves that changes color as the wearer wills it
Difficulty... 150.0 Easy