5e DnD Grassland Encounter

Grasslands could be grassy savannah, fertile plains or the endless steppes. Encounters might occur in areas of long grass, at an abandoned windmill or by a small group of isolated trees. [dnd5e] [encounters]

level: terrain: sources: type:

At a jagged bronze outcrop with an ancient portal
They are marked by a sky deity
In a fight they keep away from the largest foe
Possibly... during the fight it starts to rain
Difficulty... 200 Medium

At a stony outcrop. it is sunny
They are are following something
In a fight they quickly retreat and try attacking again from ambush
Possibly... during the fight a fallen combatant struggles to their feet
Difficulty... 150.0 Easy

At an old cairn by a carved rock and a sacred waterhole
They are hiding in long grass
In a fight they attack whoever is nearest
Possibly... during the fight someone receives a magical message
Difficulty... 150.0 Easy

They are the mount of a nearby creature
At a field of edible sedge. there is a rickety rowboat
They are hiding in long grass

Darvin is a good-looking male human noble with a pair of glasses. He believes in respecting others whatever their heritage and seeks to get enough wealth to buy a family home
At a few tended trees near a sparkling pool with many frogs. a storm is approaching
They are hiding in long grass