5e DnD Jungle Encounter

The jungle is a place of bright colours, hanging vines and thick canopy that often blocks the sun. Encounters might occur in a ruined temple or overgrown cliff and it is home to yuan-ti, tribal warriors and all kinds of reptiles. [dnd5e] [encounters] [Jungle]

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there is a dust devil
At a large fish-filled pool fed by a spring. nearby is the fresh corpse of an intelligent plant

Gorev is a travelling human cultist with several bulging sacks. He believes in freedom above all else and is currently speaking with very long word to no one obvious
At a temple of a forgotten power. The area is associated with dangerous magic. there is a large tent
They are following a trail


1 Quaggoth (Monster Manual p.256)

At a shallow pool. slighty hidden is a necklace of ivory
They are being stalked by something
In a fight they focus all their attention on the most heavily armored foes
Difficulty... 450 Deadly

Vrokya is a superstitious minotaur bandit with several rings. She is always complaining about family and is having dreams of local ruins
At a remains of another civilisation. There is a wide tunnel entrance. there is a rainbow
They are preparing a herbal mixture

Nora Steelhammer is a cold-hearted dwarf mage with unique sense of style. They adore telling stories of adventure and seek to find a glowing necklace
At an ivy-covered small monument surrounded by bare rock. there is the remains of a mutant lizard
They are searching for a ruin