Fantasy Rumours and Plot Hooks - Sea

Bits of information of dubious quality from taverns, travelers and other sources.
Fantasy seas abound with sunken cities, sea monsters, misty islands, ghost ships, underwater civilisations, pirates and shipwrecks


There is a large tournament later this year. a prodigal leader is attending. At least that's what they say
The Swallow's Moon will poison customers if the price is right
A community of tritons has been attacking ships recently
Shipping routes are being interrupted by pirates
A rich explorer is making maps at a nearby harbour. All lies obviously
Jade Sanctuary is an unusual sanctuary in Waterpoint Firth. It is said in tales that the Spire of Phantasms is nearby.
There is a reclusive sea captain that appears at night near the wreck of Dream Maker. But that can't be
There is a vulgar group of wreckers killing at random where the ship Cliff Wyvern was last seen. All lies obviously
Isle of Horns is a magical port in Deepfang Deeps. It is where an undead was bound. The prostitutes aren't happy about it
There are seabirds who curse you if seen in nearby waters. At least that's what they say